Absorption Technology

Over the years Finepac has developed a number solutions for gas absorption tasks with optimally designed gas washing columns and a large portfolio of high performance mass transfer Internals.

Gas absorption is a process in which one or more soluble components are removed from a gas phase by contact with liquid phase into which the components dissolve .The absorbed gas is then removed from the solvent and the solvent stream is returned to the system.
Finepac offers state of the art design services in gas absorption including preparation of process design, instrumentation diagrams and computer simulation. Combining our vast experience and expertise with your know-how and using the latest tools and technology, we can help you find an optimal solution for your application. Our portfolio consists of a large variety of high performance column internals for absorption process including

Basic Engineering Package (BEP)

Finepac offers a basic Engineering Package which includes the process design for your distillation tasks including process guarantee and fabrication of key equipment including column, Column Shells, Column Internals, Heat Exchangers, Reboilers etc.