Mass Transfer Technology Application

At Finepac we always endeavour to increase the value we deliver to our customers by challenging existing boundaries and develop new solutions and technologies for different processes and applications. More than 20 years of experience in the field of mass transfer technology puts us in the perfect position to provide you with optimum solutions for your applications.

Solvent Recovery Systems

solvent recovery plant

Finepac offer a wide range of solvent recovery systems for industrial applications with optimal efficiency, safety and consistent quality.

Product Purification

product purification equipment

In the process industry there are a number of process challenges one has to face, especially when dealing with high purity products. Our process experts at Finepac can provide optimised process solutions for even the most critical process requirements.

Waste Water and Vent Gas Treatment

waste water treatment plant

    Wastewater and harmful gases are produced in many industrial production processes. It is very important that they are purified appropriately with regards to keeping the environment clean, Finepac develops and supplies sophisticated plant solutions for this purpose.

Biofuels & Biochemicals

biofuel plant

    At Finepac we are committed towards developing products and processes, which do not leave a large environmental footprint. Now-a-days biofuels and biochemicals find a variety of uses in different applications. Finepac provides a number of process solutions in the production of biofuels and biochemicals.

Food & Beverage

food and beverage treatment plant

    Food and beverage industry is one such industry where it is imperative to maintain high standards of safety and quality. In addition, this has to be achieved without affecting the appearance, flavour and texture of the products. Finepac provides a number of process solutions in which the quality of the products is maintained in all conditions.