Licensed Software

For more than 20 years we have been serving the process industry, delivering reliable solutions for a variety of demanding applications from oil-water separation, distillation to refining operations. Today, we have built an extensive portfolio of state of the art products and services supported by comprehensive technical expertise in process design for a variety of applications.

Finepac supplies a number of technically advanced solutions to the process industry. Therefore deeply understanding process engineering and technology is core to our ability to support our customers.

It is very important that we deliver solutions, which effectively address the process challenges of our clients. For this, we only use state of the art technology and latest design and simulation software to understanding the process needs and efficiency requirements of our clients and provide them with the best available solution.

Mass Transfer Technology

Aspen® Plus

ASPEN plus software

Over the years we have built extensive expertise in providing optimised process design services for a variety of processes and applications. We use the Aspen Plus software for process modelling including conceptual designing, process optimisation and performance monitoring. Aspen Plus comes equipped with a number of key technical features which enables us to provide process designs with increased engineering efficiency, improved products yields and lower operational costs for a variety of processes.

Separations Technology


SEP-CAL software

In association with Kirk Process Solutions (UK), Finepac provides optimised process design and engineering services for separator vessels and tanks for the oil & gas industry. Using the SEP-Calc software (propriety Kirk Process Solutions) we simulate the operating conditions in a variety of separator arrangements to optimise the design concept, vessel size and select the appropriate separator internals to meet the target performance characteristics.

In addition, we also use other internationally recognised software like Designer Desktop, FP-Hydraulics, HTFS and Packol to provide our customers with the best possible solutions in design, engineering and manufacturing of our state of the art products range.