Metal Random Packing

Metal random packings have been successfully used as an inexpensive but yet a very effective way to increase a towers capacity and efficiency. They offer a number of benefits including reduced pressure drop, high efficiency and capacity as compared to mass transfer trays.


  • Industry recognised IMTP ring equivalent
  • Low Pressure drop and high capacity
  • Low liquid hold up
  • High strength to weight ratio.

FP-Pall Ring

  • Industry recognised pall ring equivalent
  • Good capacity and low-pressure drop
  • Versatile standard packing.

FP-Cascade Ring

  • Equivalent to cascade mini ring (CMR) packing
  • Good fouling resistance
  • Low Pressure drop and high capacity rating.

FP-N Ring

  • Equivalent to nutter rings
  • Enhanced efficiency on account of lateral liquid spreading
  • Geometry facilitates maximum randomness and minimum nesting