Pilot Plant Systems

pilot plant system

Pilot tests are key to successful scaling up of unit operations and processes. They enable our customers to verify the feasibility of any separation tasks. Besides new innovations and developments can be optimized and monitored using pilot plants.

Finepac provides complete pilot plant systems including the pilot plant design, process module system, equipment fabrication and plant construction.

Depending on the specific requirements, we can provide pilot plant systems ranging from column diameters of 50mm to 350mm and height of 4m to 12m or more. These columns are equipped with all the necessary equipment including column shells, evaporators, condensers, gas coolers etc. In addition to this, we also provide for additional equipment like decanters, receivers etc.

Our process engineers work with you to optimize, refine and scale up your processes during the pilot system process design. The custom made pilot skids can incorporate a variety of unit of operations and process applications including but not limited to

  • Batch and continuous distillation
  • Absorption
  • Solvent recovery
  • Product purification
  • Stripping
  • Extraction
  • Drying

While designing these plants we take into account a variety of process specific parameters including chemical equilibrium, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics and reaction kinetics and provide you a system, which takes into account all your requirements, and provide you with an optimized pilot plant design.

Pilot plants find their uses in a variety of different industries for process monitoring and validation including chemical process, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, biochemical and fertilizer industries.