Plant Turnaround services

During a plant shutdown or turnaround time saved is money earned. Finepac has over 20 years of experience in providing state of the art mass transfer technology, process engineering and technology. We aim to meet your requirements while providing the most cost effective solutions with the least amount of downtime.

Emergency Equipment Replacement Services

Finepac has a wide variety of products in different configurations to provide an optimised performance for any application. The Finepac replacement equipment service team is available to you 7 days a week to respond to your column internals and component replacement needs.

Regardless of the original equipment manufacturer, Finepac can provide you with

Pre- shutdown engineering service

For the more than 20 years Finepac has provided mass transfer technology, process expertise and equipments for the worldwide refining petrochemical, Chemicals, and gas processing industries from this experience we have developed a very experienced team of engineers who can meet any of your needs with regards to column revamps.

We can offer you pre-shutdown engineering service including preparation of engineering design and fabrication drawings of column internals [distributors, liquid collectors, multi- beam supports, trays etc.] that may need to be replaced during turnaround. We keep with us the complete set of archives of drawings of your existing Finepac products