Reactive Distillation

Reactive Distillation Process by Finepac

Reactive Distillation is a technically sophisticated separation technology, which combines distillation and chemicals reaction in single operation step. Our vast experience and technical expertise in reactive distillation ensures that we offer you an optimum solution.

Reactive distillation is a process in which a catalytic chemicals reaction and distillation occur simultaneously. This technique is especially useful for equilibrium limited reactions such as esterification and ester hydrolysis reactions. Our process experts can help you optimally design your reactive distillation columns and supply you with state of the art mass transfer equipment.

Advantages of Reactive Distillation Units

  • Lower investment costs.
  • Higher product yields.
  • Smaller recycle streams
  • Lower energy costs.

Our portfolio comprises of a large variety of high performance column internals including

Basic Engineering Package (BEP)

Finepac offers a basic Engineering Package which includes the process design for your distillation tasks including process guarantee and fabrication of key equipment including column, Column Shells, Column Internals, Heat Exchangers, Reboilers etc.