Stripping Technology

In the Process industry there are a number processes where it is required to remove a lighter component from a liquid mixture. our process engineers and specialists can help you design new stripping columns or enhance the performance of existing columns.

Stripping is a separation process generally carried out in packed or tray columns where one or more components are removed from liquid stream by a vapour stream. This process is mainly carried out recover products from a liquid phase or pollutant removal from wastewater. Our process specialists can help you to design optimized stripping columns using the latest separation technology and best in class mass transfer equipment.

Our portfolio comprises of a large variety of high performance column internals including

Basic Engineering Package (BEP)

Finepac offers a basic Engineering Package which includes the process design for your distillation tasks including process guarantee and fabrication of key equipment including column, Column Shells, Column Internals, Heat Exchangers, Reboilers etc.