Process Validation

During process development stage, process concepts need to be tested and validated using pilot testing. Finepac offers testing facilities at our state of the art laboratory set up and pilot plant to evaluate all kinds of separation processes.

Pilot tests are an important step in developing process. In the chemical and refining industry using laboratory and pilot tests to evaluate a separation process can have a number of distinct advantages including

  • To confirm simulation results of a process with experimental data
  • To confirm separation efficiency of a proposed column
  • To evaluate influence of chemical reactions
  • To support the proposed design of a separation process with experimental data

Validation Process

The process validation begins with carrying out the preliminary process simulation or estimation of the separation task. This is followed by the laboratory or pilot testing and the simulations are then further improved using the results from the trials. This then forms the basis of the design of the proposed unit for the separation task.

Broad range of Separation Technologies

Owing to our rich experience in the field of separation technology, we can provide you laboratory and pilot testing facilities for a variety of separation technologies including.

  • Absorption
  • Distillation
  • Reactive distillation
  • Liquid-liquid extraction
  • Hybrid separation processes

Process Validation results

The test results are summarised in a project report which is then used to support the subsequent work of the separation task.