FP-Ceramic Pall Ring

Pall rings were developed by BASF AG around 1940’s based on the raschig ring. They are still widely used in the industry owing to their good capacity characteristics at low- pressure drops. Punched windows on the outside facilitate better vapour flow and increase capacity as compared to raschig rings.

Key Characteristics

  • FP-Pall ring from Finepac is the industry recognised pall ring equivalent
  • High liquid hold up and residence time
  • High mechanical strength
  • Lower sensitivity to liquid and vapour distributor quality allows use with conventional distributors

FP-Pall Ring Applications

  • Gas treatment systems
  • Absorption and scrubbing services
  • Stripping services
  • Waste water treatment
  • Chemical reaction absorbers

Size Wt. (Kg/ M³) Surface Area (m²/m³) Void Fraction %
25 mm 600 220 73
50 mm 560 120 77
80 mm 740 80 77
100 mm 580 65 78