FP- Ceramic Super Saddle

FP- Ceramic Super Saddle - Finepac Structures

The ceramic intalox super saddles are a proven industry standard packing and have been used successfully in a number of processes. They provide high liquid hold up and residence time. It also shows less sensitivity towards liquid distribution. FP-super saddle are the industry recognised equivalent of intalox super saddles.

Key Characteristics

  • FP-super saddle is the Industry recognised intalox super saddle equivalent
  • Higher capacity and lower pressure drop as compared to ceramic saddles
  • High liquid hold up and residence time
  • Lower sensitivity to liquid and vapour distribution facilitating use in conventional liquid distributors

FP- Super Saddle Applications

  • Absorption
  • Scrubbing services
  • Pulp and paper service
  • Stripping services

Size Wt. (Kg/ M³) Surface Area (m²/m³) Void Fraction %
25 mm 680 255 74
50 mm 540 120 75
75mm 460 92 76