High-Speed Axial Cyclones

high speed axial cyclones

The high speed axial cyclones [specialist design by Kirk Process Solutions] provides a high degree of separation of fine droplets and dust even at high operating pressures. Due to its high capacity it is ideal for retrofitting in to existing separators when high throughputs are required with improved efficiency.

The High speed Axial cyclone provides a compact and economic solution to fine mist and particle separation at low, medium and high pressures. They are extremely efficient even at high pressures when vane packs lose their performance and also when processing liquids have low surface tension.

Key features of High speed Axial Cyclones

  • High gas throughput capacity
  • Typically 2/3 of the size of vane pack knockout drums
  • Typically 1/3 of the size of wire mesh knockout drams
  • Low maintenance
  • Major savings in vessel weight and cost
  • Good anti foaming characteristics
  • Available in stainless steel and plastics li