Process design for Process plants

Our vast experience and technical expertise in the field of separation puts us in a unique position to provide you with innovative solutions for any of your process requirements. Our process engineers can work with you from initial concept phase to plant start-up to develop safe, reliable and efficient processes.

Our experience in the petrochemicals and gas treatment sectors enables us to provide you innovative solutions for reliable, safe and efficient operations. Finepac provides a full scope specialist process design and engineering services to support your engineering activities for petrochemicals and gas treatment related applications.

White Spirit Production Plants

White spirit is a narrow hydrocarbon fraction with boiling temperatures 140-220 degree celsius. It’s manufacturing is often based on hydro treated kerosene from which contaminants are removed to yield optimum quality white spirit. Finepac offers turnkey plant solutions in white spirit production for varying capacities and performance requirements.

Propane & Butane Distillers

Propane and butane distillers are specifically used for extraction of propane and butane. Both being highly flammable gases. Temperature control during the distillation process is of critical importance. These distillers can be designed for varying capacities and operational requirements.

Used Oil Refining

Refining used oil is one of the better ways to manage used oil, since it reduces green house gases and heavy metal emissions. Finepac delivers oil refining plant units for wide range of capacities and compositions eradicating contaminants from the oil improving its quality characteristics. This process is easy on the environment and transforms oil into a renewable resource.

Condensate Fractionation Plants

Condensate fractionation plants are utilised for separating condensate feed into several fractions of petroleum products. This plant is utilised in refinery processes as a front-end unit to efficiently process the incoming natural gas condensates feed into petroleum products. Products like kerosene, naphtha and LNG are extracted using these plants.

Other process solutions available on request.