Corporate Social Responsibilty

"At Finepac, we believe firmly that serving our community is not only integral to running our business successfully but also a part of our individual responsibility as citizens of the world."

Corporate social responsibility for us is a commitment to conduct business in a responsible manner, to take our stakeholders' perspective into account and create value for them and the society.

Since its inception in 1993, Finepac Structures Pvt. Ltd. has been firmly committed to active philanthropy and addressing the global challenges of education, poverty alleviation and providing emergency aid to communities faced with natural calamities.

2015 - The company provided contribution to the victims of Nepal Earthquake. The company donated the amount for medicine and other general help through the Sakaal Relief Fund.

2014 - The company has provided support to the victims of Malegaon land slide in Pune District, Maharashtra. The company donated for reconstruction of damaged homes through the Sakaal Relief Fund.

2013 - The company has supported Agasthi Vidyalaya in Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra. We have regularly donated to the school for purchasing new educational equipment. Agasthi Vidyalaya provides affordable education for destitute students in the local area.

Other Charitable Endeavours

  • The company has provided donations for many local trusties for Indian festivals
  • The company has provided support for labor welfare fund as per government policies
  • The company has paid regular contribution to UNICEF
  • The company donated clothing and blankets to victims of Kashmir Floods in 2014
  • The company has provided financial support to Shreevatsa, an orphanage founded by Sasoon hospital in Pune.