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CR-Series Packing

CR-Series Packing - Finepac Structures

For applications involving corrosive systems, metal packing cannot be used. In these cases Finepac offers packings made from a variety of plastic materials and ceramics. These packings provide the same combination of high efficiency, high capacity and low pressure drop as their metal counterparts.

Key Characteristics

  • Large number of transfer units per meter
  • Best Choice for corrosive applications
  • Smaller pressure drop per meter of packed height
  • High operating temperature range
    • Polypropylene 110° C
    • Polyvinyl difluoride 150° C (PVDF)
  • Most economical load range up to F-factor of 4


  • Flue gas Cooler
  • SO2 absorber
  • HCl absorber
  • Deaerators
  • Seawater scrubber
  • Liquid – Liquid extraction

Material of construction (MOC)

Polypropylene, Teflon , PVDF, Ceramics.