"Everything we do at Finepac is based on trust . It isn't earned in a day on the job or even a year. It is developed nurturing relationship by relationship"

Suhas Wakchaure

Managing Director

Message from our Managing Director

It was a proud day for me in March of 1993 when we launched Finepac. It was that time itself it became very clear to me that Finepac’s and my destinies will be inextricably linked. After graduating from the University of Pune and gaining rich experience working with Walchandnagar Industries and Sulzer India, Finepac was launched with a sole objective of strengthening the competitiveness of our customers by providing best in class products at competitive prices.

Now 24 years later as the managing director of Finepac, I am very proud to see how the company has grown into a well-known and a well-respected organization with a rich culture built around product quality and a family oriented commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

The market has undergone a lot of changes since we began operations back in 1993. The last few years have both been a challenge as well as a chance for us at Finepac to adapt to the ever changing market dynamics of today.

We are pleased at the progress we have made thus far but we have more to do. We will continue to take decisive actions wherever necessary and strengthen our company in a sustainable way. Today we are very thankful to be recognized as a premier company delivering state of the art products and services to the pharmaceutical, oil & gas and petrochemical industries and look forward to your continued support as we usher in a new and exciting era for Finepac.