Field Services

With more than 20 years of experience in the chemical, refining and petrochemical industries, Finepac provides a comprehensive range of tower field services including equipment installation, replacement of towers and vessel internals, commissioning assistance and associated engineering services.

It is of critical importance that equipment be installed in a safe and a proper manner. There is no substitute for an experienced, well trained and a properly supervised installation team. Our comprehensive expertise in this field places us in a unique position to offer a range of tower field services including

Installation of Towers and Vessel Internals

Our experienced team of field engineers and technicians can install any process equipment including structured packings, random packings, mass transfer trays, column internals, support systems, hold down systems, demister pads, gas inlet devices and separator internals.

Revamps and Retrofits

Finepac has extensive experience and expertise to ensure projects are executed with the highest degree of efficiency and safety. For revamps and retrofits we can provide you optimum solutions with minimum possible downtime.


In certain cases some problems develop during plant operation. Our experienced team of process engineers can help you provide effective solutions to your plant problems by providing a range of services including process evaluation, process simulations, hydraulic and mechanical checks and onsite inspections.

Commissioning Assistance

Our experienced installation team can also supervise you during the plantcommissioning phase.

Welding Services

Our experience and proven capabilities in welding allow us to offer extensive range of welding services including fabrication of columns and column internals, modifications and repairs to existing installations.

Heat Exchanger Maintenance and Repair

More than 20 years of experience in designing and engineering heat exchangers for a variety of applications allows us to carry our effective maintenance and repair or replacement of existing heat exchangers.