FMV Static Mixer

The Finepac FMV Static mixer is ideal for applications requiring a homogeneous and distributive blending performance in the turbulent flow regime. It provides a high mixing efficiency combined with large turndown processing capabilities.

Key characteristics

The Finepac FMV mixer consists of intersecting corrugated plates and channels that facilitate rapid mixing in combination with plug flow progression. Any number of additives can be mixed at the same time within the mixing zone.

Benefits of FMV Type Mixer

  • Short mixing length
  • Most suitable for gas mixing
  • Fast mass transfer due to continuous renewal of interface area
  • Suitable for large diameters
  • Constant and reproducible product quality

Technical specifications of FMV Static Mixer

  • Diameter range: 25mm to 300mm
  • Standard material: Stainless steel, Polypropylene, Teflon