FMX Static Mixer

The Finepac FMX mixer has been the industry standard for demanding mixing applications especially within the laminar flow regime. It provides excellent mixing characteristics even with widely varying fluid viscosities.

Key characteristics

The FMX mixer consists of a grid of inclined bars, which continuously divide the components into layers and spread them across the entire cross section of the pipe. These mixers can effectively handle very large flow rations as well as extremely high viscosity ratio.

Benefits of FMX Type Mixer

  • Compact design
  • Mixing of sensitive products under minimal shear stress
  • Provides excellent cross mixing characteristics
  • Reduced product degradation owing to short residence time

Technical specifications of FMX Static Mixer

  • Diameter range:16mm to 300mm
  • Standard material: Stainless Steel 316 L

Standard housing for FMX mixers are in accordance with DIN or ANSI codes