FMX ULTRA Static Mixer

The Finepac FMX ultra static mixer is the next generation static mixer featuring a significant pressure drop than the mixers of the previous generation. This results in significant cost savings as a result of reduced mixer and pipe diameters as well as through the use of smaller pumps.

Key characteristics

The new FMX Ultra mixer applies the same basic working principle as that of the FMX mixer but is significantly more energy efficient. Comparing to the same sized FXM mixer, it reduces pressure drop by almost 50% giving the same mixing result.

Benefits of FMX Ultra Type Mixer

  • Significantly lower pressure drop to a standard FMX mixer.
  • Cost savings through smaller mixer, pumps and piping.

Technical specifications of FMX Ultra mixer

  • Diameter range: 15mm- 200mm
  • Standard material: Stainless Steel 316