Finepac Sand-jet Systems

sand jetting system

Sand is a common operating problem in the oil and gas industry and is produced with the oil, gas and water from the reservoir and in transported to the production systems. Sand jetting systems are popularly used in upstream separators to remove solid content that settles in gravity separators.

Specialised Internals for protection against clogging

Over the years considerable effort has been taken on the development of sand or sludge removal systems. However, no single sand- Jet systems has evolved as clearly superior, Rather, there are a number of design features to choose from depending upon the application requirement. Finepac provides Sand jet systems based on a wide range of features to provide the perfect solution for the applications in the most economic way.

A Sand jet pipe systems can be fitted along the bottom of the vessel running up to a sand retention baffle or a weir plate. High pressure water will fluidise any solids settled in the base of the vessel so they can be flushed away into the sand removal nozzles. A sand pan to prevent clogging and blockage of the removal nozzles in also usually supplied.

One or more H- header systems can be fitted to so that the two parallel headers run along the base of the separator in the solids settling zone. A single inlet header feeds these spray headers.