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Liquid Collectors

Liquid collector systems improve cross mixing of the liquid and allow mixing of feed streams with the internal column liquid. Finepac offers a variety of configurations of liquid distributors to suit your application.

Lamella Type Collector

  • The Collector is used as a separate unit to accumulate Liquid from the packing sections from the above column
  • It requires a ring channel which is then welded to the column wall
  • The pressure difference of the column wall
  • The pressure difference of the collector flange

Flange Type Collector

    • These Collectors are normally used in small diameter column
    • These are designed to be installed between column flanges

Customised Liquid Collectors

  • Different separation tasks require different set of collector requirement
  • Occasionally we need to provide collector we need configurations to suit the client requirements
  • In these scenarios we custom manufacture collectors exactly as per the client specifications

Material of construction (MOC)

Stainless steel, Hastelloy, Tantalum, Nickel based alloys, Duplex stainless steel.

Other materials available on request.