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Liquid Distributors

Proper Liquid distribution is crucial for a packed bed performance. Packed columns use liquid distributors above each bed of packing to provide uniform liquid distribution. Finepac offers a wide range of liquid distributors for different applications.

Key Characteristics

  • Liquid loads of 0.02m3/m2h to greater than 300 m3/ m2h
  • Number of drip points: 150-200 /m2 depending on the application and liquid load
  • Standard turndown ratios to the order of 1:25
  • Standard turndown rations to the order of 1:10 is possible using multi-stage distributors

Liquid Distributor Configurations

Channel Type Distributor

    • Normally used in column diameter up to 1.5m and flow rates in the range of 1-35 m3/m2h
    • Liquid is fed into a large central channel and then distributed through the holes in the individual channel onto the packing

VEP Distributor

    • Normally used in large diameter columns with flow rates in the range of 1-35 m3/m2h
    • Feed liquid is pre-distributed at a controlled rate from main channel to individual arm channel
    • Larger hole diameters than conventional discharge systems

Trough type Distributor

  • Normally used when column diameter is less than 1m
  • Similar to channel type distributor
  • Liquid first flows into the main channel & then to the individual arm channel.
  • Surface area coverage is high for the distributor

Pipe Type Distributor

  • These distributors are generally used when the requirement is for a distributor which is non sensitive on moving conditions like offshore columns of vessels
  • The Liquid discharge takes place from the underside of distributor tubes
  • Not suitable for liquids with solid contaminants

Pan Type Distributor

  • Normally used in columns with diameters upto 1.2m & flow rates in the range of 2.5 – 75 m3/m2h
  • Orifices for Liquid flow are provided in the bottom of the Pan
  • Vapour passage is provided by circular or rectangular gas risers

Material of construction (MOC)

Stainless steel, Hastelloy , Tantallum, Nickel based alloys, Duplex stainless steel.

Other materials available on request.