Mass Transfer Technology

mass transfer technology

Finepac is a renowned specialist in design and manufacturing of state of the art mass transfer solutions for the refining, petrochemical, gas processing, pharmaceuticals and biofuel industries.

Over the years we have built extensive experience and comprehensive technical expertise in the field of mass transfer technology. We always strive to increase your competitive edge by developing innovative solutions for different processes and applications, which yield higher value products, increase process efficiency, are safer to operate and are environmentally friendly.

Process Design & Engineering

process design for mass transfer technology

Our comprehensive technical expertise and vast experience in the field of mass transfer technology enables us to provide you optimized process design and engineering for a variety of applications. Using the latest software and using our cutting edge expertise in separation technology we prepare optimized simulations and process designs for any separation task.


mass transfer processes

Over the years Finepac has established an excellent reputation as a reliable partner for providing a large portfolio of high performing mass transfer solutions for distillation, absorption, stripping, liquid – liquid extraction and reactive distillation. We constantly strive to support your processes in the best manner possible and constantly endeavor to improve existing processes and develop new processes...


mass transfer application and technology

    At Finepac we always endeavor to increase the value we deliver to our customers by challenging existing boundaries and develop new solutions and technologies for different processes and applications. More than 20 years of experience in the field of mass transfer technology puts us in the perfect position to provide you with optimum solutions for your applications.