Other Conventional Tray Configurations

Sieve trays, bubble cap trays and cartridge trays complete the portfolio of conventional tray offering from Finepac and includes any special tray type you may request.

Trays Configurations

Sieve Trays

These trays are generally considered as low cost mass transfer solutions. These are generally used in applications where a high turndown is not necessary. Finepac offers a number of options in sieve tray design as per the process requirements.

Bubble Cap Trays

These trays are provided with inverted bubble caps having vertical slots fixed over cylindrical risers. Vapour travels upwards through the riser and diffuses through the bubble caps. These are generally used for low liquid loads and wide range of turndown ratio without weeping.

Cartridge Trays

    These trays are generally used in small diameter columns where physically installing the trays is not a feasible option. They are assembled in bundled for easy and fast installation. They are used in column diameters ranging from 300 mm to 1m.