Process Design & Engineering

Process Design and Engineering

Our comprehensive technical expertise and vast experience in the field of mass transfer technology enables us to provide you the most optimised process design and engineering for any separation task. Whatever be your requirement, we can provide a solution for it.

Conceptual Design Studies

Mass Transfer Technology Concept Design

With our extensive knowhow and unique range of separation technologies, we can provide you with conceptual designs to support you in the development of new or improved processes to help you find the best solution.

Process Validation

mass transfer technology

During process development stage, process concepts need to be tested and validated using pilot testing. Finepac offers testing facilities at our state of the art laboratory set up and pilot plant to evaluate all kinds of separation processes.

Engineering Services

Mass Transfer Technology Flowchart

    Based on many years of experience and successful realisation of numerous column and unique processes, Finepac offers basic engineering packages along with the supply of state of the art product solutions for a wide range of separation tasks.

Process Equipment Fabrication

equipment fabrication

    To complement our range of column internals and oil & gas separator internals, Finepac also provides precision engineered ASME pressure vessel design and fabrication services. For over 20 years we have partnered our expertise in vessel fabrication with customer requirements to produce quality fabrication solutions including distillation columns, shell and tube heat exchangers, pressure vessels and receivers.

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