Industry Solutions

Finepac offers a complete range of advance product technology, Process design expertise and extensive experience for a wide range of Industries


Finepac has been involved in the design and supply of a number of cost effective solutions for more than 20 years in a variety of applications for the industries listed below

  • Petrochemical
  • Chemicals
  • Oil and Gas
  • Gas Conditioning
  • Power Generation
  • Flue Gas Scrubbing
  • Sulphuric acid Production
  • Gas Processing
  • Pharmaceutical

Product Solutions

Finepac offers a wide range of high performance internals which maximize the capacity and efficiency of a separator vessel ensuring it provides an optimum performance.

A separator vessel installed with appropriately designed internals will enjoy the following benefits

Inlet Devices

  • Performs the First Stage separation of solids & Liquids from vapour and provides better vapour distribution across the vessel cross section
  • Provides considerable reduction of vessel height and inlet nozzle sizes

Liquid Coalescers

  • Provides reduction in vessel size
  • Improves phase separation efficiency
  • Lower setting times for primary dispersions

Mist Eliminators

  • Increases throughput capacity
  • Provides equipment protection
  • Improves Product purity

Desanding Systems

These systems fluidize the solids with pressurised water introduced through specially designed nozzles that protect the vessel from erosion and prevent clogging of process equipment.