Support Plates

The range of Column Internals provided by Finepac is completed by its range of auxiliary column internals. Integrating these internals with column packings and collector – distributor systems ensures a flawless column performance.

The Auxiliary Column internals are provided as support systems to further enhance the performance of packings and collector distributor systems. These internals either ensure the smooth functioning of the column or enhance a specific performance parameter within a Column.

Support Systems for Structured Packing

Bed Limiters

Bed Limiters for structured packing are generally recommended when there is a potential for packing displacement during upset conditions

Packing Supports

Packing supports provide stable support to structured packing with a simple, open grid structure

Support Systems for Random Packing

Multi – Beam Supports

Multi- Beam supports are used with random packing and serve as gas injection trays to distribute the gas properly to bottom layers of packing

Retaining Grid

Because conditions that result in fluidisation of the packing at top of the bed are difficult to predict, a retaining grid is recommended. These are either suspended from a liquid distributor or bolted to a support ring welded to the column wall