Vane – Type Mist eliminators

Vane Type Mist Eliminators

The Vane type mist eliminators are high capacity separator delivering excellent separation performance for a particle range of 8 to 40 microns They consist of a series of vane modules appropriately spaced that causes the gas to change direction a number of times and forces the entrained liquid to impinge on the vane and drain off.

These mist eliminators separate liquid by impingement, coalescence and drainage on vane surface. They are particularly useful for applications with a high risk of fouling due to solid particulates or viscous liquids Manufactured from virtually any size these mist eliminators are available in 3 different configurations .

  • Plain vane type mist eliminator
  • Hooked vane type mist eliminator
  • Double hooked vane type mist eliminator

Key Characteristics

  • Ideal for fouling applications
  • High liquid loads
  • Good turndown characteristics
  • Low pressure drop


  • LNG Plants
  • Crude oil refineries
  • Chemical plant evaporators
  • Gas Processing industries
  • Pulp Mills and sugar factories

Material of Construction (MOC)

Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, nickel based alloys, titanium other material available on request .

Other materials available on request.