"Everything we do at Finepac is based on trust . It isn't earned in a day on the job or even a year. It is developed nurturing relationship by relationship"

Suhas Wakchaure

Managing Director

Our Vision

To serve our customers in the best way possible and for them to recognise us for our leading technologies and services.

At Finepac we simply want to provide our customers with the best products and services, help them become financially successful and build long terms strategic partnerships with them .The Finepac vision is a core set of principles that drives our overall direction and defines how we conduct ourselves.

The market has undergone a lot of changes since we began operations back in 1993. We have seen rapid advances in communication and technology, which we couldn't have foreseen. We have witnessed periods of great economic growth as well as major economic downturns. However, we still believe in our vision and values just as strongly as we did back when we found the company. We genuinely believe in staying true to them, and we are confident that they will in turn guide us towards continuous growth and development for many years to come.

Our Values

Our values define who we are and how we conduct ourselves in the dynamic market space. We believe that values are to be lived to the core and are not just a bunch of phrases to be memorised. We make genuine efforts to ensure that all our employees completely relate to our values and operate in congruence with them under all situations. We have stood by our values in good times and bad and will continue to do so as we usher in a new and exciting era for Finepac.

We operate on a set of 5 primary values that guides everything we do at Finepac:

Integrity & Ethics  
Our people are our resources
Operational excellence
Customer partnership

Our Strategy

Our Strategy is the roadmap by which we bring our vision and values to life. Having a well-defined vision is good but how we execute our vision with a suitable business plan will eventually determine how successful the company is.

Our firm focus on customer requirements is the foundation of our strategy and enables us to priorities our choices and distinguishes us from our peers.

The market will always keep on evolving and become more competitive and dynamic. However our customer focus will provide us a firm anchor that will drive our choices and efforts and help us provide our customers the best products and services, No Matter the market conditions.

With our vision and values as anchors, our strategy is based on six core pillars that drives everything that we do

  • Living by our vision and valves
  • Technology leadership
  • World class services
  • Deepening customer relationships
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Exploring new markets