Quality Assurance

Finepac is committed to delivering products of exceptional quality to our customers. The Finepac quality policy drives us to consistently deliver products of the highest quality to our customers

Quality of our products is of paramount importance to us at Finepac. We design our products to utmost precision, manufacture them to the highest standards of quality and test them against a rigid set of internal inspection procedures.

Finepac has a clearly documented and fully implemented policy for quality control and assurance. This ensures we consistently deliver highest standards of product quality for projects implemented by us. Strict adherence to this policy is mandatory for all of our employees and is extended to all of our suppliers and sub-contractors as well.

Inspection & Testing

The quality control team and production supervisors perform regular in-house checks and inspections.

  • PMI (Positive Material Identification) Testing

    For accurate and reliable analysis of raw materials

  • Distributor Testing Skid

    State of the art testing facility for performance of our liquid distributors

  • Hydro Testing Facility

    Leak testing facility for pressure vessels, columns and process equipment

  • Testing Using Stroboscope Tachometer

    Useful for inspection and measuring the speed of rotating parts

  • Testing Using Vibration Meter

    Useful for measuring vibrations and oscillations in machines and installations

Customers are welcome to visit our plant to inspect their equipment. Please contact our quality control team at quality@finepacindia.in to schedule a visit.