Mass Transfer Trays

tray tower

Mass Transfer trays have traditionally played an important role in thermal fractionation for a very long time. To meet the increasing demand for reliability and high performance rating, Finepac offers an extensive portfolio of mass transfer trays tailor made to meet the process requirements of your specific application.

Sieve Trays

sieve trays
  • Reliable low cost mass transfer solutions
  • Generally used for applications where high turn - down is not necessary

Bubble Cap Trays

bubble cap trays
  • Provided with inverted bubble caps having verticals slots

    • Suitable for low liquid loads
    • Wide range of turndown ratio without weeping

Floating Valve Trays

tray floating valve
    • Provided with either round or rectangular floating valves
    • High efficiency
    • High turndown ration
    • Constant pressure drop with respect to variation in vapour flow rate.

Fixed Valve Trays

fixed valve tray
    • Provided with fixe valves in a bridge like construction
    • Low pressure drop with high capacity
    • Excellent fouling resistance

Cartridge Trays

cartridge tray
    • Generally used in small diameter columns
    • Trays are assembled in bundles for easy installation
    • Used in column diameters ranging from 300 mm to 1meter