Structured Packings

structured packing

The corrugated metal sheets of structured packings provide a number of advantages compared to random packings and distillation trays. These packings offer high efficiency , excellent throughput, low pressure drop and a very broad application area.

FP- Structured Packing

FP-Structured Packing
  • Industry standard structured packing
  • Low pressure drop and high efficiency
  • Good capacity characteristics

Wiremesh Packing

wire mesh packing
  • Low pressure drop per theoretical stage
  • High capacity and efficiency
  • Suitable for vacuum columns

FP-HC Packing
[High Capacity Structured Packing]

HP-HC Packing
    • Significant increase in capacity
    • Low pressure drop
    • High throughput

CR-Series Packing
[Corrosion resistant packing]

CR-Series Packing
    • Packing for chemically corrosive applications
    • High efficiency and low pressure drop
    • Available in a variety of plastics and ceramics

Grid Packing

grid packing
    • High capacity and low pressure drop
    • Good fouling and coking resistance
    • Good corrosion and erosion resistance

Laboratory packing

laboratory packing
    • Packings for small laboratory column diameters for preliminary assessment of separation tasks
    • Highest number of theoretical stages
    • Low pressure drop