Gas Processing Systems

Gas dehydration is an important process in gas processing. The produced gas is saturated with water, which must be removed. If not removed it can create problems like corrosion, water condensation and plugs created by ice or gas hydrates. In addition other contaminants like H2S, CO2 and mercaptans must also be removed. Gas treatment systems like dehydration and gas sweetening removes these impurities and makes the gas suitable for transportation and further use.

TEG Contactor

TEG contactor

In natural gas streams, the water vapour from the gas needs to be removed to reduce pipeline corrosion and eliminate line blockages. If acidic gases are removed by amine treatment, then gas will be water saturated, which will need to be dehydrated before entering the pipeline. The gas dehydration process has a simple approach, where the wet gas contacts the dry glycol and the glycol absorbs the water from the gas.

Amine Contactor

amine contactor

Natural gas streams may contain corrosive gases like hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide which need to be removed. Amine contactors remove these gases from the natural gas streams and make it fit for downstream processing. The sour gas enters the tower and rises through the descending amine solution. The amine solution on contact, absorbs the corrosive gases.

Finepac has the expertise to perform project specific evaluations of new as well as existing columns for optimised TEG and Amine contactor columns.