Mass Transfer Products

We develop, design and manufacture a complete range of state of the art mass transfer equipment including structured and random packing, mass transfer trays, grid packing and column internals for distillation, absorption, stripping and extraction columns.

FP - Structured Packing

structure packing

Structured Packing is one of our core product offerings.

  • Industry standard packing
  • Increased capacity and efficiency compared to random packing and distillation trays
  • Reduced pressure drop

FP - Random Packing

random packing

Extensive portfolio of traditional and high performance random packing.

  • Low pressure drop and high capacity
  • High distillation, absorption and stripping efficiency
  • High strength to weight ratio

Mass Transfer Trays

tray tower

Wide array of conventional and high performance distillation trays.

  • Wide operation range
  • Uniform vapour distribution
  • High Capacity
  • Low pressure drop

Column Internals

static mixing product

Proven range of distributors, collectors and other high performance internals.

  • Provide uniform liquid and vapour distribution to packed bed
  • Products available in a variety of styles and materials

Grid Packing

grid packing

Packing grids for severe services susceptible to fouling, erosion and high solid content.

  • High capacity and low pressure drop
  • Good fouling and coking resistance
  • Good corrosion and erosion resistance