Separations Technology

Separation Technology

Finepac provides a broad portfolio of separation equipment for liquid-liquid separation, gas-liquid separation, gas treatment and petrochemicals and the associated process design and engineering services.

Our experience in oil-water separation, gas treatment and petrochemical applications enables us to provide you innovative solutions for reliable, safe and efficient operations.

Process Design for Separators

separation technology process design

In association with Kirk Process solutions, Finepac offers process design and engineering services to develop an optimised solution for your application by optimising the design concept, vessel sizing and internal components to meet the target performance.

Process Design for Process Plants

separation technology process plant design

Our vast experience and technical expertise in the field of separation puts us in a unique position to provide you with innovative solutions for any of your process requirements. Our process engineers can work with you from initial concept phase to plant start-up to develop safe, reliable and efficient processes.

Gas treatment Systems

Gas dehydration is an important process in gas processing. The produced gas is saturated with water, which must be removed. If not removed it can create problems like corrosion, water condensation and plugs created by ice or gas hydrates. In addition other contaminants like H2S, CO2 and mercaptans must also be removed. Gas treatment systems like dehydration and gas sweetening remove these impurities and make the gas suitable for transportation and use.