Separator Internals

Liquid coalescers improves separation efficiency

Finepac in association with Kirk Process Solutions (UK) provides comprehensive expertise in designing, selection and supply of internals for knockout drums and three phase separators. These internals are designed for maximising the capacity and increasing the efficiency of a separator to ensure an optimised separator performance.

Inlet Devices

An inlet device has the purpose of dissipating momentum of incoming fluid, aiding initial separation without increasing turbulence
  • Reduces inlet fluid momentum
  • Promotes even flow distribution
  • Enhances separation and increases capacity of separator

Baffle Plates

Baffle plates promotes even distribution of liquid
  • Promotes even distribution of liquid
  • Promotes suppression of surges
  • In certain cases can be used for gas separation

Liquid Coalescers

Finepac Separator Internals
  • Improves separation efficiency
  • Reduces size of new vessels
  • Increases capacity of existing drums
  • Suitable for debottlenecking

Mist Eliminators

Mist Eliminators improves product purity
  • Easy to install
  • High efficiency
  • Improves product purity
  • Increases throughput capacity

Axial Cyclones (Design by Kirk Process Solutions)

Axial cyclones suitable for applications involving solid particles
  • High capacity mist elimination
  • Wide operating pressure range
  • Suitable for applications involving solid particles

Sand – Jet Systems

Sand jet systems prevents clogging of process equipments
  • Fluidizes solid particles which settle down.
  • Protects vessel from erosion
  • Prevents clogging of process equipments