Mass Transfer Technology Processes

Over the years Finepac has established an excellent reputation as a reliable partner for providing a large portfolio of high performing mass transfer solutions for distillation, absorption, stripping, liquid – liquid extraction and reactive distillation applications.

We constantly strive to support your processes in the best manner possible and constantly Endeavour to improve existing processes and develop new processes so as to ensure that we provide the most optimised solution for any of your process challenges


distillation plant

Distillation is one of our core competencies our process specialists and experts can support you to develop the most optimum solution for any distillation tasks, We offer a variety of distillation components and internals to provide you with a highly efficient separation process


absorption equipments

Gas absorption (also known as scrubbing) is an operation in which a gas mixture is contacted with a liquid with the purpose of dissolving one or more components of the gas mixture and provide a solution of them in the liquid. Our experts can support you to develop optimally designed absorption columns.


stripping machinery equipment

    Stripping is a separation process where one or more components are removed from a liquid stream by a vapor stream. Our process specialists can support you to develop optimally designed stripping columns along with the appropriate separation equipment.

Liquid – Liquid Extraction

liquid extraction plant

    Liquid – Liquid extraction is a state of the art separation technology which provides an economic solution compared to other process technologies. Our engineers can provide you with the best solution for your extraction tasks where other processes may prove to be ineffective.

Reactive Distillation

reactive distillation plant

    Reactive distillation is a state of the art separation technology in which distillation and a chemical reaction occurs simultaneously. Our Process specialists can help you find optimized reactive distillation solution to lower your capital and operating costs.